Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Api Tools is Official

With much joy, I am happy to say that the Api Tools incubator project is now part of the SDK proper. We (Darin, Olivier and myself) have been working very hard to get it up and running (and useful).

The project has come a long way since my last post....

We now have:
1. an incremental builder
2. problem markers for api usage problems / api breaking changes

Example problem marker

3. filters for api problem kinds

API filters property page for jdt.debug plugin

4. quick-fixes for a variety of api problem kinds

Quick fix for illegal api uasge problem

Quick fix for since tag problem

5. a wizard to set up api tooling on plugin projects

API Tooling setup wizard

6. preference / property pages to configure options for the tooling

Errors / Warnings preference page for api tooling

7. version management

Workbench showing plugin version numbering problem marker

8. @since tag management

Workbench showing since tag problem marker

Stay tuned for more updates...

1 comment:

  1. This is so cool. I look forward to trying it out on Mylyn next week.

    Is there a way to set these rules per project and check them in? I'll try to answer my own question by downloading shortly...