Monday, June 26, 2006

What can your VM do for you?

This week is busy like all the rest. Following the trend of adding in new features all the time, here is another interesting one for you. You can now check the capabilities of the VM used to launch a program by inspecting the properties of any Java debug element in the Debug View (to do so right-click on the element in the view and click the 'Properties...' menu item).

The properties dialog is the same one as before, which contains the process information, but now also the VM capabilities (as long as the target is not terminated or disconnected). You can even expand or collapse items on the page depending on what you want to see, and the page will remember that setting for the next time you open the dialog to view capabilities.

So if you were always wondering "hmm can my VM do that?" now you can check for yourself. To use this latest feature you will need to wait for this weeks I-build, or for tomorrows N-build.

Can I launch my launch from the launch shortcut?

Last week was very busy for the Debug team. Along with the addition of the new formatting feature for Stack Trace Console, we also added a new feature which allows users to directly run a shared launch configuration using the context Run As... menu and selecting the launch itself.

No more fussing with the launch configuration dialog to run shared configurations (unless you like needless work) YAY.

You will have to wait until this weeks I-build, or grab an N-build from any time after last thursday to check it out.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kevin's formatting magic

We added a new feature to the Java Stack Trace Console this week. It will now format your stack traces for you automatically when ever you paste them into the console if you desire. You'll have to download this weeks Integration build to try it out.