Monday, September 25, 2006

Terminate Key Binding Requests (please)

The platform is running low on available key-bindings. So, we've decided to add one final key-binding for the debugger's terminate action. The action has been mapped to "CTRL-F2". If you can figure out how to use the key binding preference page, feel free to change it.

We've also fixed a small bug in the Debug view context menu. Key-bindings are once again displayed for the standard step commands in the context menu (when you are debugging). During 3.2, the actions were all changed from view contributions to being contributed by actual code. When we did this, we forgot to assign action definition id's in the code. Woops. Fixed now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Painfully Fast (Now)

Today the debug team revels in its own greatness...Ok we didn't actually fix anything, but we did find out that a bug that was a critical stop ship for us was not at all our fault AND someone had already fixed it (I love those ones).

The bug in question is, and long story short, has to do with the apparent 'extreme slow down' of the eclipse debuger. It turns out (as the previous comment dictates) that it was not our fault; it was really a combination of factors...but mainly the new conjestion algorithm in the newer Linux kernels (> 2.6.14). Luckily though the kernel champions jumped on it and bullied Sun into fixing the way jvms communicate over TCP/IP.

To summarize:
If you have a newer Linux kernel (> 2.6.14) and you are NOT using jdk 1.5.08 or jdk 1.6 r79 you are boned, and doomed to have a matrix-neo-style debugging experience.