Friday, March 30, 2007

Export More Stuff For Everyone

Are you one of those people that just has to have everything just so? even to the point of having your collection type variables show exactly how you want them? Well if you are you no longer have to fear losing all of those custom logical structures you speant so many hours making.

You can now export and import Java logical structure preferences separate from other workspace preferences. Java logical structures are defined on the Java > Debug > Logical Structures preference page.

This is a cool feature...but not quite axesome.

Hyperlink Debugging

I know I have been silent for qute some time, so I figured it was time to come back to the blogosphere and drop some more knowledge. This time (nothing like that breakpoints post) we have an axesome new feature which is proving to be far more handy than any of us could have really imagined (except Darin of course because he knows everything); Hyperlink Debugging.

The idea behind hyperlink debugging follows that useful feature that pretty much everyone already knows about: hyperlink open declaration (Ctrl+Click in editors open declarations). Except in our case you can do lightning fast step-into operations with but the press of Ctrl+Alt and a click of the mouse....not impressed yet? check out the example.

Lets say you wanted to step into the createComposite method shown below:

SWTFactory.createComposite(getParent(), mainComp.getFont(), getStyle(), getFill());

The old way, you would have to step into and out of all of the method calls in the createComposite method prior to stepping into the one you wanted. You could of course use the old passe method of step into selection...but just imaging being able to step into creatComposite with a single more selecting code, no more repetitious step into/out of code.

You can even select what keys to use as modifiers (thanks to the jdt UI guys of course).

I know what you are thinking....Axesome.