Friday, March 30, 2007

Export More Stuff For Everyone

Are you one of those people that just has to have everything just so? even to the point of having your collection type variables show exactly how you want them? Well if you are you no longer have to fear losing all of those custom logical structures you speant so many hours making.

You can now export and import Java logical structure preferences separate from other workspace preferences. Java logical structures are defined on the Java > Debug > Logical Structures preference page.

This is a cool feature...but not quite axesome.


  1. How do you specify the number of characters that a detail pane can show?Looks like values of some variables is truncated.


  2. In the context menu of the detail pane (right click on it), there is an action "Max Detail Length" that allows you to change the maximum number of characters to display.

    There is also an action that turns on and off word wrap.