Monday, January 21, 2008

Creating help just got a little bit easier

Are you looking forward to the 3.4 doc pass? No? Really now, where is your user assistance spirit?

In 3.4 PDE is hoping to improve your documenting days, specifically by making it easier to create, edit and review context sensitive help. The first step was to create a fancy new editor...

The editor allows you to quickly create and edit new new contexts, topics and commands. But the addition of dragging and dropping, cutting and pasting, opening linked files in various views, and more, is what makes this editor so much better then trudging through the xml. The editor should be the default editor for context help xml starting with today's I build.

There's more to come as well. During 3.4 PDE will hopefully be adding more features to help connect the context ids in your code with those in the xml.

A big thanks goes out to Chris and the PDE team, who managed to review and commit my 5000+ line patch in record time.

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