Thursday, June 07, 2007

Whats Up Doc?

Ok, first off let me say I just couldn't resist on the title, I know it is corney, stupid, etc, but I had to let it out.

Todays post is about how much I love to write doc for our plugins and the number Z.

Writing doc is one of those things that we all hate doing, but we all agree needs to be done. This lack of enthusiasm is probably why it is put off until the very last minute in the release cycle instead of being done during the release cycle. I think deep down inside everyone really likes to write doc, as it takes us away to that magical "working but not really" place where we can spend hours and feel a sense of self worth....or not perhaps.

Let me leave this post on a positive note by saying how much I love to write doc.


  1. I think the debug team needs to blog more and not blog during the hysteria of doing documentation ;)

  2. does get crazy like a soup sandwich during doc time.

    This reply is brought to you by the letter 47.5