Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Browse All References (J2SE 6 only)

If you're running your Java application with a J2SE 6 virtual machine, you can browse all references to an object in the variables view. Select any object in the variables view, and choose All References from the context menu. A pop-up displays all objects referring to the selected object. You can expand each node in the tree to follow references to each object. You can inspect any object in the reference tree by selecting it and pressing Ctrl+Shift+I. This opens an inspect pop-up displaying the object's fields.

This feature is available in the latest integration build and forthcoming 3.3M1 build. It's our first cut of the feature, so feedback and comments are welcome.


  1. What did mustang provide that enabled this?

  2. It provided a method on ObjectReference called referringObjects(long).

    for more info.

    The functionality if getAllInstances on a ReferneceType is almost ready as well.

  3. i'm a complete newbie to the eclipse but need this feature very much.
    i have eclipse 3.2, the latest.
    what steps should i perform to enable this? update some plugin or download 3.3 rc?