Wednesday, September 16, 2009

API Use Reports

It's no longer rocket science - mere mortals can create API Use Reports using Eclipse 3.6 M2. Report generation is integrated as an external tool. Simply open the External Tools dialog (Run > External Tools > External Tools Configurations...), create a new "API Use Report" configuration, tweak settings, and press "Run".

You have to specify:
  • The bundles to analyze (which can be provided as an API baseline, a PDE target definition, or simply as a directory)
  • Whether to report API and/or internal references
  • Optionally, the scope to analyze (use regular expressions to include bundles to search and bundles you are interested in references to, or leave blank to scan everything)
  • A directory to write the report in

In this example, I ran a report for API & internal references in one of the M2 warm up builds. I only included references between org.eclipse.* bundles. What does it show? Lots of stuff.

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  1. Thank you so much for that. I will use it to get feedback on the current usage of p2!