Monday, October 22, 2007

Searching Now Includes Launch Configurations

I love the community of Eclipse, and how some people, other than us committers take time to re-examine old bugs that they are interested in. Most recently bug 57515 was re-examined by the community, which resulted in the patch being committed, and the debug team having a new feature to brag about :).

Without further ado, this post is about searching, search participants and the new-fangled feature that returns launch configurations as search matches (when looking for Java types). To be more explicit, only launch configurations that have a main type attribue to search against will be found as possible matches.

Ok so really that last paragraoh was all there was to say about searching, etc. But you can check out a snazy screenshot of the eclipse search view showing a Java launch configuration match.

Thanks again Peter for the patch for a cool feature.

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